Estelle Gautier (FR)

Estelle works with the notions of involvement, decision making, narration and perception. She considers that her work is to create forms and to support them at any cost; from the urge of confronting herself with a visible and real world, but also to give space for imagination and abstraction. She first graduated with a Master´s of Fine Arts (installation and image) from the University of Rennes 2. At the same time she trained in dance, at the CCN of Rennes, then at the RIDC in Paris and Tanzfabrik in Berlin. In 2011, she joined the ex.e.r.ce master, choreographic studies: research and representation directed by Mathilde Monnier (Montpellier CCN and Paul Valery III University). 

She also works as a script supervisor for cinema and light designer for stage. The performance Rapid Eye Movement mixes these different skills, in a creation between choreography, lighting and cinematographic references.

Estelle Gautier (FR): Rapid Eye Movement

Rapid Eye Movement refers to this moment of paradoxical sleep where the eyes move quickly under the eyelids. It seems that these movements are related to the images of dreams.
It is the discontinuity of lighting that will build the tension between the visible and the invisible. The manipulation of different lighting accessories will lead us to create a scenic space together. It is the rhythm of apparitions and
disappearances that will compose the choreography;to open or to close your eyes, to fall asleep, to see from a distance, to see blurry, to zoom in, to take distance, this is what drives us in this collective dream.
Four performers are in the theater and invite us elsewhere. The expedition is happening at night, as a way to perceive better all the surrounding. The choreography of homemade lights takes the form of an exploration of the theatrical
space and of our ability to build it under your eyes. REM is a dive into an obscure space-time: a cinema without projection, a connected cave, a starry sky of light in standby or a theater without electricity.

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