Eric Joris / Crew (BE)

CREW is the Brussels/Belgium-based art collective, initiated by artist Eric Joris, that operates on the boundary between art and science, between performing arts and new technology. CREW pioneered immersion-based performances in 2003 using Head Mounted Displays and 360° Omni Directional Video. Unlike sitting and standing VR applications, CREW delivers ‘AltR’ which is anchored in the physical: by moving and walking the ‘immersant’ experiences the virtual world from within his own body. Their work is very versatile, but always rooted in the same utopic vision: the quest for a medium that analyses and at the same time opens up our experience. This striving for immersion is the basic theme running through CREW’s live-art.

Eric Joris is a regular resident at BUDA. He worked in Kortrijk for a.o. Crash, U_razende stilstand, O_Rex, W double u and last year EXPLORER/Prometheus Ontketend, in collaboration with the Dutch theatre company Urland.

Eric Joris / Crew (BE): Absent Room

Now he’s working on Absent Room, an interactive live-art installation developed for Frankfurter Buchmesse 2016. CREW has been invited to create a virtual pavilion for the main exhibition hall. Herefore CREW adopted the floor plan of the Barcelona Pavilion of Mies van der Rohe, made in 1929. The futuristic set-up will consist of simple walls, channeling a 3D real time architectural space that plays with virtual transparency, mirrors, axis, sight lines and real time composited, material textures. The illusory indoor and outdoor views will contain sea views, indoor columns, materials of glass, steel and extravagant marble etc., all adapted to the perspective of the viewer.

During their residency at BUDA, CREW will try to incorporate all the expertise that has been developed in ‘viewer dependent images’. This residency is crucial for the experiments with the possible position of the spectators by the motion capture system in order to link them to an ‘embodied’ perspective. The ‘motion capture system’ and the viewer’s free movement can supply infinite viewpoints and extensive visual effects. This residency serves to bring insight in the artistic possibilities of an immersive experience space.

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