Enkidu Khaled

Enkidu Khaled has always been interested in how a human being is shaped by its context, and how it relates to its past, present and possible futures. Following his interest, he wants to research how elements such as society, education, religion, politics, culture and transformation are influencing the nature and behavior of this human being.
Using story-telling and time-travel as his tools, he last created “Baghdad”, a documentary theatre performance where two men exchange images and experiences: both shootings and kidnappings in the chaotic Baghdad of 2005, as well as an idyllic Easter Sunday in 1967 on the green lawn in front of the Anglican church. Khaled wants to develop his work in order to melt the line between the field of theatre and reality and to reach new definitions, which swim between the two back and forth.

Enkidu Khaled: The Interview-God 99

The Interview-God 99 is a new performance which will be based on the most recent novel of the renown Iraqi-born novelist Hassan Blasim. His novel follows Hassan Owl, an Iraqi who arrives in Finland as a writer and refugee. Enkidu Khaled will be the first theatre director to put Blasim’s latest novel on the stage.

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