Emile Pineault (CA)

Pushed to the limits of his technical and physical skills through a rigorous circus training, Emile Pineault has created a form of body language combining acrobatics and contemporary dance. His curiosity for the latter guides him through a kinaesthetic research imbued with great freedom of movement and creation. Intimacy, desires and flows are thus translated into movement by repetition, undulation and impulse. In his choreographic and dramaturgic approach, Emile seeks to de-formalize the body without breaking it. Although leaning towards abstraction, this artistic journey through different states and affective spaces invariably brings the audience back to the present moment. Thus, the fluidity of bodies, the stage device and the interaction between these elements become a sensorial driving force in this perpetual struggle against verticality.

Emile Pineault (CA): Hyperpassif

Hyperpassivity is a response to a hyperactive and overheating world. How can this whirling and destructive machine be slowed down? This approach contemplates the notions of deceleration and sensitive listening of our surroundings.

In this work, Emile Pineault and Claudel Doucet envision different ways to do partner work that rebalance the norms of their acrobatic practice. They seek to stimulate a conversation about power relations in order to fluidify the relationships between base and flyer, active and passive, feminine and masculine. Aiming to dissolve these binary oppositions to find the multiple intersections in their relationship, Hyperpassif compels an encounter between an unstable scenography, noise music, Greco-Roman wrestling, and an empathetic hand to hand approach in which bodies interlock, dislocate and unite.

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