Einat Tuchman (IL/BE)

Einat Tuchman lives and works in Brussels. She is a performer and a choreographer and the last years work with social artistic concepts. She examines the complex relation between the self and the collective environment in relation to territoriality and ownership. She studied in the Rotterdam dance academy and in Apass. She performed with of Orla Barry, Guy de Cointet, Need Company, Alain Platel and more.

In 2015 she created InCompany in BUDA, together with Heike Langsdorf and Nicolas Galeazzi, in frame of What's the Matter with Cooperation. 

Einat Tuchman (IL/BE): Other enter

This performance is about artistic participation in the life of others, in local politics, within unknown territories, in the neighborhood. It propose creative tools to practice social ties with in our on going encounters with differences.

In this performance I wish to communicate the journey I was taking during the last years into the bewilderedness of my neighborhood - Quartier Liberateurs, Molenbeek. I want to perform and portray the many surprising, enriching, discouraging, hopefull and hopeless encounters I had, trying to develop an artistic project by reassembling social differences. 

The performance Other enter want to expose all the many difficulties that arises on the way to try and bring people together. I want to create on stage a sort of mind map or a maquette of the different encounters, concepts, events, paradoxes, realizations I experience during this local artistic research. On one hand I want to perform those situations as testimonies of a social investigation. On the other hand I want the audience to get involve and contemplate with me on some dilemmas. Can I create as an artist contemporary ceremonies that allow inclusivity? Can art be an activist tool that transforms social norms? And then what are those social norms that should be changed in a terrain of differences like Molenbeek?

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