Edurne Rubio (BE/ES) & Maria Jerez (BE/ES)

Edurne Rubio (°74) studied Fine Arts in Bilbao. She has been living and working in Brussels since 1998.
She is interested in what influences our perception of time and space and strives in her work to provoke associations or counteractions between different ways of looking at reality.

The Spanish Maria Jerez (° Madrid, 1978) is active throughout Europe. Her work is situated on the borders of dance, theatre, cinema, architecture and visual arts. Her greatest interest: 'the unspeakable'.

Edurne Rubio and Maria Jerez have collaborated on different occasions throughout their artistic career. ”A Nublo" is the first piece as a coauthorship. This work combines the different sensitivities and interests of each artist and proposes a common world.

Edurne Rubio (BE/ES) & Maria Jerez (BE/ES): A Nublo

Between the scenography of an opera and a cloudy valley, between geology and an amusement park, A Nublo is a story with difficult-to-identify characters because they are not people, nor animals, nor monsters, nor gods … but phenomena: atmospheric and geodynamic events, caused by the microclimate and the topography of the theater, by the interaction between theatrical nature and the audience.

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