Doublier (FR), Tiikainen (FI), Fedinger (NL), Maertens (BE) e.v.a.

Unlike scenography, light-design has no real theoretic/dramaturgic studies: it is difficult to talk about light without using technical terms or very referential descriptions.

Doublier (FR), Tiikainen (FI), Fedinger (NL), Maertens (BE) e.v.a.

Arts-centre BUDA is organising – together with lightdesigners Henri Emmanuel Doublier and Minna Tiikainen – a research residency where lightdesign is the research-object.

 Thus the aims of the residency are double: 1. the search for a vocabulary of light 2. taking the opportunity to have light designers research, co-create and reflect together.

An international company of lichtdesigners (Henri Emmanuel Doublier (FR), Minna Tiikainen (FI/NL), Jan Fedinger (NL), Jan Maertens (BE), Tomi Humalisto (FI), Ernese Csornai (HU), Charlotte Feaufort (FR) and the BUDA-technicians Brecht Vandenbroucke, Koen Jansen en Bennert Vancottem) accepted BUDA’s invitation. They’ll start from some experiments (Can you make a party with light only? Can a lightplot be the main issue of a performance?...) to start the disussion.

The output of this residency might be a light installation, or a small publication on The Dramaturgy of Light..

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