Dinis Machado (PT/SE)

Choreographer Dinis Machado is based in Stockholm since 2012. He has the MA Choreography from DOCH (Stockholm) dir. Jefta Van Dinther & Fredric Gies and fiished the Independent Studies Program at Maumaus Visual Arts School (Lisbon). He was part of Moderna Museet's Quadriennial 2018 and 8:[tension] ImpulsTanz 2014. 
Now he works for the first time in BUDA.

Dinis Machado (PT/SE): Multifarius

In the end of Machado’s solo 2 weeks residency at BUDA to initiate the research for his future work Multifarious, he will present his research in an intimate showing where like in a dance concert queer letters, stories and poems run parallel with dances that search to materialize queer structures of unfulfilment, desire, anguish, and lush. Dances and texts from apparent incompatible formats come together to mirror identities composed of uncanny unmatchable parts. 

In residentie:
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