Diederik Peeters (BE)

Diederik Peeters is a visual artist who accidentally got lost in the stables of the performing arts. He creates performances, writes texts and invents installations or videos. Because Peeters is a proud patient of a pathological preference for confusion, impossible contradictions and absurd consistencies are stubbornly piled up in his work. Apparitions is the last performance from a series of creations for which Peeters goes further than the conventional, and experiments with different formats and media.

With Hans Bryssinck and Kate McIntosh he founded SPIN, a Brussels based artist-run research and support platform.

Diederik Peeters (BE): Apparitions

With which hard- or software would we be able to survive death? Diederik Peeters takes the dust off our age-old longing for immortality and makes an attempt to prove the existence of ghosts with a lot of humour. In Apparitions he investigates what this life after death is all about. Navigating between history and science fiction, death and the hereafter, faith and scepticism, Peeters takes us along on a ghost hunt where science mixes with magic, and technology with horror.

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