The Italian dance company Dewey Dell was founed in 2007 by Teodora, Demetrio and Agata Castellucci and Eugenio Resta. They have strong skills in different areas. This took each of them to give priority to a specific aspect of the work (choreography, music, lights and set), without giving up a collective modeling of materials. The company’s name is a tribute to Faulkner and to the young girl of As I lay dying, under whose look the company prepares itself to wander towards the abyss. From 2013 is supported by apap - advancing performing arts project.

Their performances have been presented in the main festivals around Europe and in some in Australia, Russia and U.S.A. In 2011 they came to BUDA to rework Grave with local youngsters, and in 2013 they created Marzo at the Buda-studio’s, in the context of NEXT festival.

In recent years they have been experimenting with forms of musical concerts, in collaboration with Black Fanfare, the musical group of Demetrio Castellucci. 

DEWEY DELL (IT): ((still untitled)) 

The aim of Dewey Dell's artistic residency at BUDA consists of putting together the first scenes. This new work, still untitled, seeks to explore the environments in which the first human beings initiated an artistic sensitivity: caves. Through this work the company wants to stare into the distance that links us to our ancestors, artists.

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