Dennis Deter (DE)

Dennis Deter works as a choreographer and performer. He studied philosophy and literature at the Freie Universität Berlin where he spend his time thinking about football as an imrovisational performance. He believes in art as an collaborational effort and has worked with artists like Gui Garrido, Begüm Erciyas and The White Horse Collective. Since 2003 he collaborates with Anja Müller. Their duet Interpassive Paradiserecently won the 100 Grad Festival Jury Award in Berlin.
In the last summers, he spent his time, proudly playing and travelling as a member of the nomadic band-collective John The Houseband, that also worked at arts centre BUDA.

Dennis Deter (DE): Blow Boys Blow 

Blow Boys Blow is a project about sea shanties and physical work in theaters that combines singing, choreographic elements, dances, scenic moments, and installation art. Its crew is made up of seven men, each of whom has different relations to theater business, e.g. as a performer, dancer, choral conductor, sound or light designer.
The project refers to the close historic connection between theater engineering and nautics, as in the past most technicians recruited for theater were sailors. In its performance of old-fashioned nautical work and song, Blow Boys Blow will bring the nostalgia that is inherent in both theater and seafaring to a peak, and, at the same time, break the simplicity of pure nostalgia through the playful acknowledgement of its silliness.
In this spirit, Blow Boys Blow aims to recall the long-standing relation between the world of theater and nautical manpower in a playful romp of chants, dance, rum and water.
The two-week residency at BUDA marks the end of the first creation period for Blow Boys Blow.

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