DD Dorvillier (US) & Sébastien Roux (FR)

Choreographer and performer DD Dorvillier started developing her work in New York City in 1989 and moved to France in 2010. Her work springs from questions about the relationships between abstraction, physicality, language, perception and meaning. Her approach is both conceptual and physical, the results charged with unexpected sensibilities, humor, and new questions.

DD Dorvillier works at the BUDA studios, developing the project Only One of Many in collaboration with electronic musician Sébastien Roux. The latter experiments with listening conditions, the concept of soundscape, and composition using formal constraints. In 2011 he began to develop an approach focused on principles of translation, analyzing the structures of pre-existing art works (visual, musical, literary) and transposing them into musical scores for new works.

DD Dorvillier (US) & Sébastien Roux (FR): Only One of Many

Only One of Many explores the definition of movement, and of sound, in both physical and philosophical ways and reveals how perception shifts thru the repetition and/or superimposition of the same danced and musical sequences. What new meanings, affects, images, emerge from the confrontation of the same materials in different combinations? 

The project Only One of Many also involves light designer Thomas Dunn and performers Katerina Andreou and Ayse Ohron.

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