Davis Freeman / Random Scream (US/BE)

Davis Freeman is an American performing artist based in Brussels and has worked with Forced Entertainment, Meg Stuart and Superamas. With his company Random Scream he continues to explore the multiple sides of his artistic personality. From docu-performances and durational music, theater and dance pieces to lounge acts and installations.

Originally created with the artist Lilia Metre in 1999, Random Scream is now run by Davis and his ever evolving mix of collaborators.

Davis Freeman / Random Scream (US/BE): Some Things Only Become Clear Much Later

He’s a regular guest at BUDA Kortrijk, where he created and/or presented a.o. Saving Energy, 7 Promises, Investment and (in the frame of NEXT 2014) Karaoke (Art). He now will be working on Some Things Only Become Clear Much Later, a sweet violent duet between Davis Freeman and Dani Brown, and at the same time a gender bashing horror movie and a subversive TED talk. A piece that demands the audience to not only be a witness but an intrepid accomplice. Featuring the music of the Slovenian composer Gasper Piano and a video design by Belgium artist Gertjan Biasino. Some things only become clear much later reflects on what it’s like to live in the world today and those symptoms that make some of us want to drown little kittens just because they’re too cute….

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