Danny Neyman (BE)

Danny Neyman is a performance artist and writer, based in Antwerp (BE) and Paris (FR). He has a bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Literature from Tel Aviv University and a post-master's in Performance Studies with a.pass (Brussels). He was a founding member of the Tel Aviv based queer performance collective Cinema Paradildo and has worked and collaborated with Yasmeen Godder, Arkadi Zaides, Public Movement, Hagar Tenenbaum and Mette Ingvartsen. He is the English translator of the work of Hebrew poet Noam Partom and has also translated essays by William Blake and John Ruskin from English to Hebrew. He has previously been in residency with BUDA in development of his spoken-word performance "Helsinki", which he presented at the BUDA Vista Festival. He then continued to perform the work in theatres in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden.

Danny Neyman (BE): Helsinki

At BUDA he’ll be working on Helsinki, a one-man spoken-word work-in-progress that experiments with subjective polyphony and language drift. Ever-multiplying text fragments are live-edited together in a half-random process to create fragile illusive tapestries of sense. Consisting purely of voice, the performance opens a space for the release of the visual, while playing on abstractions of cinematographic qualities.

Insisting on an openness to the mundane and the everyday, the project avoids conceptual allegiances and the confinements of theme, narrative or the singular subject, in favor of a fidelity to the fragmentary disorientation of contemporary life. The texts for the project have been produced in a prolonged period of writing and language-hoarding within and without the times and spaces of everyday life: transcriptions of dinner conversations, journal entries, fragments of books read, sex chats, slices of fiction, everyday anecdotes, flashes of psychoanalytic sessions, youtube excerpts, bits and pieces of worldly knowledge and so on. "Documentary" and "confessional" texts are jumbled with total made-up lies and fiction, micro is mixed in vertigo with macro and the subject of utterances is constantly sliding. A rubble of words piled together and shuffled live, suspending causality and context, and provoking a resonance of isolations and a subtle reconsideration of what listening could mean.

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