Cuqui Jerez (ES)

Cuqui Jerez studied dance in Madrid and New York and has been working as an artist, choreographer and performer in several companies, films and performances for a few decades. Her own creations circle around the relationship between body and space, time and objects, expectation and perception and the boundary between fiction and reality. She was a guest at kunstencentrum BUDA for The Nowness Mystery and The Dream Project.

Cuqui Jerez (ES): Ultra-things

Ultra-things is a live performance, a poetical moving landscape which the audience can freely walk in and out. Through performers with wigs and conspicuous costumes Jerez plays with expectations and sows disorder in a raving mad universe.

Ultra-things revolves around creating suspense, in an unusual way though. We usually associate suspense with thrillers and other story structures but how can you create the same suspense with a minimum of events and meaning ? Through sound, space, bodies, objects and actions Cuqui Jerez looks for suspense in the smallest choices and details. Never did a silence cause more nailbiting than in this performance. Ultra-things  is risky, expressive and leaves nobody behind indifferent.

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Cuqui Jerez (ES): The Dream Project 22.09.2014 - 10.10.2014 BT Studio 0