Cuqui Jerez (ES)

Cuqui Jerez studied dance in Madrid and New York and has been working as an artist, choreographer and performer in several companies, films and performances for a few decades. Her own creations circle around the relationship between body and space, time and objects, expectation and perception and the boundary between fiction and reality. She was a guest at kunstencentrum BUDA for The Nowness Mystery and The Dream Project.

Cuqui Jerez (ES): The Dream Project

Now she’s back to create the 4th edition of The Dream Project.

The Dream Project is an experiment on how to work and how to produce.
The Dream Project is 12 months of work.
The Dream Project has one rule: to create at least one piece every month.
The Dream Project is the creation of a collection of many small pieces on different formats and themes non-necessarily connected one to another.
The Dream Project deals with the unknown.
The Dream Project is a way to work connected to the present.


Cuqui works with different people every time: Maria Jerez, Carlos Carpintero, Marisol López Rubio, e.a. In BUDA she’ll create one ‘edition’ from 22/09 till 10/10 with Juan Dominguez.

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Cuqui Jerez (ES): Ultra-things 05.11.2019 - 25.11.2019 Budatoren