Clément Vercelletto / Les Sciences Naturelles (FR)

Born in 1981 in Lyon and trained in percussion and electro-acoustic composition, Clément Vercelletto leads a double path as a musician and a director. His approach tends to find the points of friction between these two practices, to imagine the sound as a vector to activate the body and the voice of the performers on stage. he plays in the music groups Kaumwald, Arlt or Orgue Agnès, or solo under the name of Sarah Terral. 

Since 2014, he has been directing his own projects, with Les Sciences Naturelles, a structure created and co-directed with Bastien Mignot.

Clément Vercelletto / Les Sciences Naturelles (FR): Devenir Imperceptible

Devenir imperceptible is a sweeping piece on perception. The dancer/performer moves through a decor composed of 400 gallons of pine needles, bird-calls and organ pipes, as well as a strange instrument specially invented for the occasion, called the ‘nighthawk’ after a small, nocturnal bird whose plumage camouflages it amongst bark or dead leaves.

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