Clément Layes (FR)

Clément Layes has been living and working as a choreographer and performer in Berlin since 2008, where he co-founded the company Public in Private together with Jasna L. Vinovrski. At the intersection between choreography, the visual arts and philosophy, his work primarily engages observations on daily life. His performances - among them Allege (2010),  Things that surround us (2012), dreamed apparatus (2014), TITLE (2015)  and The Eternal Return(2017) - are shown internationally. 

Clément Layes (FR): ONON

How can we find freedom when we are subjected to "blind" machinery? How can we avoid becoming subservient to these systems? How can we preserve areas of the unknown in which we aren't defined by external factors?

"ONON" builds an allegory of our time: a half human, half mechanical system that offers the opportunity to consider what it means to be a "structured human." "ONON" playfully explores the fine line between the stability of existing structures and the simultaneously fragile and strong human inside of them. Material and digital systems determine today's world more and more. To not become subject to these systems, we have to deal with them directly. "ONON" seeks to better understand the (inter)dependence between the human body and anonymous systems.

In "ONON," duration and continuity are at the center of the work, becoming an exploration of the "longue durée" of these systems and to work through the rhythmic relationship between persistent systems and our day-to-day actions.

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