Claire Huber (FR/BE)

Claire Huber is a poet, a choreographer, a performer and a dramaturgist
Her work invest the crossroad between oral poetry, dance and movement, music and sound. She conceives her pieces as « choreographies for the listening », as they sculpt the perceptions of the audience in time, to bring them to a listening, and to plunge them into what is not immediately given.
For a few years, she leads a series of experimentations around rhythms. Both terribly vital and rigorously mathematic, they draw the outlines of her latest pieces 

Claire Huber (FR/BE): Foundations (working title)

Foundations (working title) is a collaboration between Claire Huber and dancer and musician Nastasja Stefanic, and musician and vocalist Stalin Abdi. It builds on asymmetrical rhythms and combine the metric basis of western traditions and the pulsated modulations of (middle-) eastern traditions.

The research goes through the expressiveness of these rhythms to question the idea of compound foundations (that articulate heterogenous elements without blending them). What holds? what implodes?

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