Claire Croizé / ECCE (FR)

In 2017 Claire Croizé and Etienne Guilloteau created their dance compagnie ECCE. French choreographer and dancer Claire Croizé studied at P.A.R.T.S. and works regularly at arts centre BUDA. The Farewell (2009), Chant Eloigné (2012), Primitive  (2014), Mer- and EVOL (2017) were (partially) created here. 

Claire Croizé / ECCE (FR): Flowers (we are)

In Flowers (we are), Claire Croizé brings together two major inspirations: the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and the writings of Rainer Maria Rilke. It is her first time working with a contemporary composer, Matteo Fargion, known for his duets with choreographer Jonathan Burrows. Fargion and his daughter Francesca bring a selection of preludes, classically and skilfully executed on the piano, but mostly they take a playful and irreverent approach to the master, giving us a Bach that is warped, transformed: chorales transcribed for four hands, new compositions that carry a trace of Bach, like a distant memory…

Rilke is present in the lyrics to these new songs, poetry transformed into pop music, and inspires the characters that wander around the stage. Croizé creates a world of sublime mountainscapes and heroism, when people used to speak with angels. Yet Flowers (we are) is also intimate and generous, not just about our relationship with the divine, but also with each other: about the love between two people or the relation between a parent and their child. How to give that love and how to receive it. About the (im)possibility to form a connection with each other.

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