Chantal Yzermans (BE)

Chantal Yzermans is a Belgian artist & researcher  creating performances in collaboration with visual  artists, musicians , dancers and scientists. As a dancer she lived and worked in New York City from 2000 till 2006. There she  studied daily for 5 years with Merce Cunningham and his company. In 2007, Jan Fabre offered Chantal an artistic residency where she created the ensemble Radical Low, an open structure that facilitates the production of highly diverse projects and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Chantal's fascination for movement is rooted in the investigation of the human body:  as the subject and the object in our society, with its historical, socio-political and cultural developments. Her latest creations all gravitate around nature versus technology, contemporary rituals and artistic appropriation. 

Chantal Yzermans (BE) (no title)

Chantal Yzermans/Radical Low invites musician/composer Hantrax  and visual artist Edwin Deen to work together on a new  project which gravitates around the ritual of the Parades. The three  artists appropriate the origins of the March, rooted in popular music, with its typical binary code, enhancing the soul and the body of the performers, where one loses one's individuality to blend into another entity: the group. Deen, Yzermans and Hantrax are interested in its powerful potential, as it represents a liberating tool as much as a restraining traditional discipline. 

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