Cécile Bally (FR)

Cécile Bally is a Berlin-based performance artist who graduated in dance and choreography in the HZT Berlin (Inter-University Center for Dance, UDK). She previously studied Economics and Management at the Ecole Normale Supérieure and the Pantheon Sorbonne University in France and wrote a master thesis in Decision theory on how ideas emerge and develop in dance rehearsal processes. Her artistic work is creating connections in between these two backgrounds and interrogate, with humour but always methodically, the place of rationality, magic and knowledge in Performance. 

Cécile Bally (FR): The Price is Right

The Price is Right is a choreographic study of the supermarket – what is sold and what is done in this space, how do we meet and what would we dream to encounter there. It is a critical tribute to a place that symbolizes our time. Commodities are at the centre of this space, which standardizes our way of living and creates communal references. The supermarket is a visual materialization of the concept of accumulation, it is a place for all and yet a place that segregates, there is a supermarket for every social class and every lifestyle.

Our residency in BUDA is our first collective encouter with the research. We will alternate between an under cover observation of  Kortrijk supermarkets and a studio research where we will study the relation between prices and desire, magic, dreams and nightmares and the repetitive gestures associated with this place.

The Price is Right is a new work by Cécile Bally in collaboration with the performers Cathy Walsh, Marie Ursin, Asaf Aharonson, the light designer Eva Alonso et the sound designer Jassem Hindi. The piece will premiere in November 2018 in Sophiensaele (Berlin).


“The big supermarket down the road is always open: all day its electric doors slide stolidly back and forth, admitting and discharging streams of people. Its neon lit space is so impersonal and so eternal that it emanates both comfort and alienation. Inside you can forget that you're not alone, or that you are." Rachel Cusk, Aftermath, 2012

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