Cassiel Gaube (BE)

Born in Brussels, Cassiel Gaube is a Belgian dancer and choreographer, who graduated from P.A.R.T.S. He is currently developing his work at the intersection of the contemporary choreographic field and of Hip hop and Clubbing dances – among which he is particularly working from the practice of House dance. In parallel to his choreographic activity, he collaborates as a performer with various choreographers. Among others with Benjamin Vandewalle for his new creation Walking the Line, as well as with the visual artist Fabrice Samyn and the choreographer Manon Santkin for the creation of the performance of A Breath Cycle.
As a pedagogue, Cassiel is regularly invited to teach professional classes and workshops, in studio’s such as DansCentrumJette, La Raffinerie, PARTS Summer School, in Brussels, and La Ménagerie de Verre, in Paris.

Cassiel Gaube (BE): Farmer Train Swirl - étude

Cassiel will work on his new solo project in BUDA. The solo will explore the compositional possibilities of walking in relation to House music. Following the pulse and the rhythmic patterns of the music, I will seek to diffract the elementary action of walking into a rich lexicon of steps – inspired by the complex and rich footwork of House dance.

"Ultimately, the solo will invite the audience to witness and empathically take part in a process of deconstruction, metamorphosis and reappropriation of this action at the base of our kinaesthetic experience of the world: walking."

Embracing the idea that “choreography is a negotiation with the patterns your body is thinking” (Jonathan Burrows), I want to open a choreographic space in which one of our most fundamental somatic skills – walking – is experimented with, played with and reinvented."

PREMIERE at End of Winter Festival

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