Cassiel Gaube (BE)

Born in Brussels, Cassiel Gaube is a Belgian dancer and choreographer who graduated in 2016 from P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. He is currently developing his work at the intersection of contemporary dance and Hip hop and Clubbing dances. Cassiel recently created the solo Farmer Train Swirl - Étude, which premiered during the End of Winter Festival at BUDA. As a teacher, Cassiel is regularly invited to give professional trainings and workshops, in dance studios such as DansCentrumJette, La Raffinerie, P.A.R.T.S. SummerSchool in Brussels and La Ménagerie de Verre in Paris.

Cassiel Gaube (BE): Soirée d’études

In Soirée d'études, Cassiel Gaube expands the research set out in his solo Farmer Train Swirl - Étude and creates a duet exploring the rich vocabulary of House Dance in a series of études. An étude, in the musical sense of the word, is a composition designed as an occasion to explore the possibilities of a particular technique and to experiment with these, which is similar to the way House Dance is practiced. Drawing from commonly known moves, the dancer looks for variations of these steps and for inventive ways of articulating them together. This common knowledge allows people to read each other’s dancing. Together with Yonas Perou, a Paris-based dancer experienced in Street dance, Cassiel seeks to reveal the literacy that this practice requires and produces.

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