Caroline Daish (AU/BE)

Caroline is an Australian performer living in Brussels. She has been intrigued by the way we listen and what happens to the sense of self when our listening is displaced. She has been using live performance captured by binaural microphones and listened through cordless headphones. This developed from her postmasters performance study at Apass. She also works with moving image, making a 30 min documentary with her brother about his psychotic experiences and his arts practice. In 2014 she won best actress for feature films in the Melbourne Underground Film Festival for her performance in “The Dead Speak Back” (Triptych Films).

She also collaborates with Belgium artists, such as Myriam Van Imschoot, performing in the radiophonic performance, “What Nature Says”, being a living book for Mette Edvardsen in “Time fell asleep in the afternoon sun” and  in the lastest film from the visual artist duo, Charles & Sarah in “A day will come my future will be your past”.

Caroline Daish (AU/BE): No Longer All Alone

In BUDA she’ll work on No Longer All Alone, an experimental micro-opera in a surrounding of binaural microphones and cordless headphones.

The binaural set up allows them to construct parallel versions of reality, testing the relation between materiality (what is before us) and meaning. It is an invitation to inhabit worlds in which ‘escape’ is an existence. It is an experiential training in multiple reality viewing, a zoological visit of the present moment, in which the viewer plays both the animal and the keeper of the moment.

What happens to and where is the public space in this set up? It is an affective and immersive experience like being in a real-time film.

For this residency Carline invites musician and composer Sigrid Keunen to combine live composing and fieldrecording.

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