Carolina Mendonça (BR/DE)

Carolina Mendonça is interested in contamination of knowledge and in being vulnerable to different logics. Graduated in Performing Arts at ECA-USP and with Master’s in Choreography and Performance at Giessen University in Germany. Her latest projects are Pulp- History as a Warm Wet Place (2018) that deals with an intuitive archeology digesting the leftovers of the XVII-XVIII centuries; useless land (2018) a night reading that invites de audience to experience sleep as a way of understanding.

Carolina Mendonça (BR/DE) - Sirens

This project gathers a group of collaborators to experiment forms of communication that are vulnerable and fragile, to listen to the noise generated by our co-presence. How can dissent be heard and sustained? Anyone that takes the time to listen carefully to the sounds underneath the white noise will be surprised. Carolina and her team will practice being together as clash of voices that confuses more than it clarifies, they will investigate how their voices can become an audible alarm to the opaqueness of some stories.

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