Carole Perdereau (FR)

Dancer and choreographer, she began her choreographic research in 1999. Her approach is oriented towards the practice of insistent and non-evolving situations. She is interested in trying to amplify and distort real time. At the same time, as a performer, she works with several choreographers, in particula,  Loïc Touzé, Jocelyn Cottencin, Laurent Pichaud, Fabienne Compet, Pierre Droulers … .

Carole Perdereau (FR): Ouest

Ouest is at the border between a film scene that would have trouble getting started and a plastic installation that would run in a loop. She is interested in showing time, space and introducing events that divide and unbalance what would seem established. Since its creation in 2016, she has considered this project as an evolutionary piece, which changes and transforms itself as soon as a new person intervenes. She onsiders Ouest as a place of life and passage which, depending of the participants, switch into a temporality permeable to new imaginaries.

The residency will allow us to work with actor Mathieu Montanier, who will integrate the play in June 2019.

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