Camille De Bonhome (BE)

Camille De Bonhome is director, dramaturg and video artist from Liège, Belgium.She studies Drama Arts (EICAR) and Theatrical Studies (Sorbonne Nouvelle) in Paris. Even if her practice is multidisciplinary (music, performance, video and theory), she always starts from theatrical codes and dramaturgical researches. In this way, she evokes the classical repertoire and mythology as material to challenge the theatrical source and focuses on the border between the creative process and the representation.

Camille De Bonhome (BE): Les Antigones

Les Antigones is a study of creation and sacrifice. In an attempt to grasp the construction of an oeuvre in all its romance and naivety, the challenges of creation in the theatre are sharpened. This brings to the surface questions that could well be the beginning of a disillusionment: is it still possible to create together in the here and now? What sacrifices are involved? Who sacrifices? Or are theatre and sacrifice simply the same thing: a rupture, a story, witnesses, exposed bodies, a rest.

Performers: Natacha Nicora, Sandro Mabellini and Manolo sellati. 

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