Bosse Provoost (BE) & Ezra Veldhuis (NL)

Bosse Provoost is a theatre maker and director. In his work he radically goes for 'a visual theatre of sensory under-stimulation'. He creates compositions of shifts in light and atmosphere, creates rhythm with silences and makes semi-human-looking figures appear on stage.  

Ezra Veldhuis is a visual artist. She maintains a hybrid practice in which light as a material and subject is central: she makes installations with monumental paintings, paints films on pellicule and works, mainly as a scenographer and lighting designer, on performances.

The work that Provoost and Veldhuis have been creating together since Matisklo (2018) is increasingly based on a visual logic, in which theatre technique is not used as a strengthening element, but as a freely playable and conceivable set of instruments. In 2020 they premiered the installation-performance SUN-SET.

Bosse Provoost (BE) & Ezra Veldhuis (NL) & Oshin Albrecht (BE): SUN-SET

In SUN-SET, Ezra Veldhuis, Oshin Albrecht and Bosse Provoost go on a quest for a cosmogonic moment: the emergence of something out of nothing, ‘the birth of a world’. Light always plays a central and ambiguous role in stories about the origins of the cosmos. Light reveals, but remains invisible itself. It becomes even more unfathomable when we realize that darkness always remains in hiding behind light. And that the darkness we think we see turns out to be a colour disguised as darkness.

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Bosse Provoost (BE) & Ezra Veldhuis (NL): Indoor Weather 17.08.2020 - 26.08.2020 Budascoop