Bosse Provoost (BE) & Ezra Veldhuis (NL)

Bosse Provoost is a theatre maker and director. In his work he radically goes for 'a visual theatre of sensory under-stimulation'. He creates compositions of shifts in light and atmosphere, creates rhythm with silences and makes semi-human-looking figures appear on stage.  

Ezra Veldhuis is a visual artist. She maintains a hybrid practice in which light as a material and subject is central: she makes installations with monumental paintings, paints films on pellicule and works, mainly as a scenographer and lighting designer, on performances.

The work that Provoost and Veldhuis have been creating together since Matisklo (2018) is increasingly based on a visual logic, in which theatre technique is not used as a strengthening element, but as a freely playable and conceivable set of instruments. In 2020 they premiered the installation-performance SUN-SET.

Bosse Provoost (BE) & Ezra Veldhuis (NL): Indoor Weather

What can we do in theatre with the despair evoked by the ever-increasing threat of the global climate catastrophe? This question is the guiding principle for Bosse Provoost and Ezra Veldhuis in an installation performance that transforms the large theatre auditorium and stage into a fictitious ecosystem in perpetual mutation.

When and if the sets burn,
when and if a figure clings
in fear to these set pieces
when and if this figure even
perseveringly utters screams
for instance for help,
when and if this happens it will be understood:
that the man working the spotlight
obviously knows what he is doing,
that he obviously just waited
until the time was ripe.
Inger Christensen
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Bosse Provoost (BE) & Ezra Veldhuis (NL) & Oshin Albrecht (BE): SUN-SET 21.10.2019 - 30.10.2019 Budatoren