Bojana Cvejić & Marta Popivoda - TkH/Walking Theory (RS)

TkH/Walking Theory is an editorial collective from Belgrade, dedicated to artistic and theoretical research and activism. TkH has realized many projects, as well as TkH journal for performing arts theory since 2000. 

Bojana Cvejić & Marta Popivoda - TkH/Walking Theory (RS)

The two-week long residency of Bojana Cvejić and Marta Popivoda at arts centre BUDA is dedicated to the research for an experimental documentary film (Rhythms that Intensify Us), which is part of a large-scale research project of TkH/Walking Theory, by Ana Vujanović, Bojana Cvejić, and Marta Popivoda Performing the Self in the 21 Century. After the twentieth century has been cast as the century of the self, the question arises of how the contemporary expressions of the self in the public and private domains of social life could be best accounted for. 

In the film Rhythms that Intensify Us Marta and Bojana study the rhythms of intensified pace of work. The focus of their observation are subjects who implement the freelance regime of production in highly qualified and highly paid “knowledge work” in post-industrial office environment (investment banking, or alternatively, hedge fund management, consulting or software engineering), and dance/performance in independent/self-employed freelancing. 


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