Atelier Bildraum & LOD (BE)

In Atelier Bildraum architect Steve Salembier and photographer Charlotte Bouckaert work together on performances, scenography & installations in which space, image and imagination are at the centre. In 2015 their first performance Bildraum  was awarded the Big in Belgium prize at Theater aan Zee and in 2016 they received the Total Theatre Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In the 2016-2017 season they worked together with LOD for the first time. The music for their performance In Between Violet and Green was written by LOD composer Thomas Smetryns.

LOD music theatre is a Ghent production company for opera and musical theatre, a creative base for artists. For 25 years, it has created productions which often appeared to be trend-setting for the contemporary landscape of opera and musical theatre. LOD commits itself to setting out long-term projects with composers such as Kris Defoort, Daan Janssens, Dominique Pauwels and Thomas Smetryns, and with directors Josse De Pauw, Inne Goris and Fabrice Murgia.

Atelier Bildraum & LOD (BE): i c o n

The opera i.c.o.n, a hybrid mix of photo shoot, filmset and concert, wants to throw a light on how we deal with the human portrait today. There is live portraying on stage and quasi immediately photo and film appear on the screen. Just as with Andy Warhol and his Factory events, in i.c.o.n  the border between the artist on stage and the spectactor in the audience is blurred. Icon becomes beholder, model becomes photographer, man becomes woman and victim in its turn perpetrator. i.c.o.n premières at the NEXTFestival.

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