Arkadi Zaides

Last year at the NEXT festival, the Israeli choreographer and performer Arkadi Zaides showed the poignant solo Archive. For his next creation, Zaides & his team explore the relationship between movement and borders. What kind of choreography emerges in the proximity of borders? What strategies of restriction define movement, and how? Does the increasing use of new technologies ask for a re-invention of what borders are and could be?

During a residency of three weeks at this year's NEXT festival, Zaides and his team are taking this research a step further.

On December 3rd, Arkadi Zaides and his team will share preliminary findings from their residency in the form of a choreographic essay (in the double meaning of reading and attempt). The essay is a record of their attempts to get a grip on contemporary border mechanisms, shifting between closed and open, physical and virtual, the real and the imaginary. The question arises as to whether or not border mechanisms already have a grip on him as a performer, how his body and movements may already have internalised cross-border situations.

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