Anneleen Keppens

Anneleen Keppens studied at the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp and at PARTS in Brussels. She works as a choreographer, dancer, artistic collaborator and teacher in Belgium and abroad.

Anneleen Keppens (BE): Movement Essays

Movement Essays is an encounter with dancer and choreographer Anneleen Keppens. She presents three ‘movement essays’, that each place a fundamental aspect of abstract choreography at the centre and, at the same time, trigger associations, emotions and reflections beyond the field of dance.

Anneleen brings the atmosphere of the studio, where she asks questions, wonders, is surprised and discovers connections, to the stage. She doesn’t want to convince you of a point of view, but rather involve you in her artistic process. The three movement essays are connected through their passionate exploration of movement and together create an intimate and diverse experience of dance.

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