Anne Thuot (FR)

French theatre director Anne Thuot is constantly in search of the ideal form(at), the perfect message and the right esthectic choices. “I see myself rather as a collector than as a leader”, she once said. She worked at BUDA before on J’ai enduré vos discours et j’ai l’oreille en feu  (2013), and now is back in town to develop Lydia Richardson in Africa.

Anne Thuot (FR): Lydia Richardson in Africa

Lydia Richardson is a long term performing art project reflecting on the privileges of a European body. Based on a fictional character and alter ego created from the perfomer Anne Thuot’s autobiography, Lydia Richardson explores the city and questions the image of this ‘perfect white, cultivated and wealthy body’ in a Europe that is closing its boarders and denying the profound transformations of its population. The experiments and creative processes are shared with the audience during urban interventions, performative conferences and installations in which Lydia Richardson appears as common body for projection, dialogue or anger.
After the performances Under the bridge (2015) and Lydia Richardson welcomes you (2016), the project Lydia Richardson in Africa (2017) attempts to bring this fiction over to Africa, playing with a possible shift from the western point of view and questioning the origin of European wealth. Lydia Richardson makes a reversed migratory route, going back to Cameroon where her father was a French soldier from 1956 to 1960. Working from official and fictional documents of this period, Lydia Richardson in Africa seeks to create a sensitive and ambiguous auto-fictional performance to speak of colonisation and the way it continues to live through our cities, memories, bodies. 

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