Anne Lise Le Gac & Arthur Chambry (FR)

Anne Lise Le Gac lives and works in Marseille, praticing performance. She studied at the Fine Arts School in Strasbourg, then, completed the ESSAIS master programme for dance at CNDC Angers . She focuses on the hypothesis of a "vernacular performance". She has created a solo piece La Caresse du Coma and a collaborative performance project, GRAND MAL, with Élie Ortis. Since 2015, she has been co-organising the performance festival OKAY CONFIANCE.

Arthur Chambry lives and works in Marseille. His musical projects, published by his label Cindys Tapes, are often related to images. With Storyboard, released in 2016, he produced his second "video album". In his productions he uses low-fi aesthetics, playing with sound and video material that he deforms with his outdated or pirated tools. Since 2016, he has been pushing his practice towards a physical and scenic dimension. He sees the concert as a performance and builds electronic instruments that require a study of its musical gestures and semantics. 

Anne Lise Le Gac & Arthur Chambry (FR): DUCTUS MIDI

On a terrain with hazily edges, two walkers begin a trip without resolution. DUCTUS MIDI reintroduces the medieval principle of ductus.
Instead of following a previously laidout plan (leading from A to B), this free way of thinking, reading and moving arises from the development and experience of the trajectory itself. The trip does not have a fixed-term, and the rhythm of each other can differ. They cross the ways of other travellers. On an instable ground, their trajectories are crooked. They realise a skill could be the consequence when you adapt to an evolving environment. Like an experienced way of playing with a puddle or dancing with the thunder. In our hands, the matter is soft. We meet on stage and weave genres and practices into enchanting hybrids.

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