Anna Maria Häkkinen (FI)

Anna Maria Häkkinen is a Helsinki-based artist who is best known for her collaborative and multidisciplinary work as a choreographer and dancer. Her most recent choreographic works include DANCE (2018), a group piece aiming to “bring dance back” on a personal level, and PAINI (‘Wrestle’, 2017) a work that featured a wrestling club of 18 volunteers. 

After working as a choreographer and co-creator in various larger groups, in her upcoming work “Monuments” Häkkinen takes up a more intimate way of thinking choreography, both as a choreographer and a performer. 

Anna Maria Häkkinen (FI): Monuments

Monuments is a continuation of choreographer Anna Maria Häkkinen’s earlier work, PAINI (“WRESTLE”, a co-creation with Emil Uuttu and Lotta Suomi). The new duet Monuments tries to imagine a feminist monument - a soft, fluid and borderless being in constant movement. During the residency at BUDA they will create a series of short, choreographic scores based on the contact of two bodies. They will begin by using bodily techniques that they have already experimented with in their previous work, such as wrestling, shiatsu and bodywork. During our first residency period our main objective is to analyse how kinesthesia is transmitted to the audience within the stage context. They will use theatrical tools such as sound, light and moving picture to experiment with how kinesthetic qualities such as weight, touch and friction can be translated, recreated or artificially designed.

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