Anna Czapski (PL-FR) et Marine Fontaine (FR)

Meteorite makes walks since 2017.  She conducts aesthetic work in the real world.
His walks and group experiences are documentary explorations.
Based on a protocol, it involves hiking, walking, visiting companies, tasting, treasure hunts and also certain collateral gestures such as collecting, modest arts, micro-totemism.
She brings to life a moment that would like to be deconstruction and transformation.
In short, what the poem is. In short, what the landscape is.

Anna Czapski (PL-FR) et Marine Fontaine (FR): La Météorite

The Meteorite is making a hole in Kortrijk to prepare for its future off-road trip.
This is the very beginning but we are already saying:
You will be a guided hike
but also a long immersive sequence shot with poetic experiences.

Collecting, micro-totem, scores, listening, fire, meals. You will be in the city and in the wilderness and on the edge. You will be an immersive show in which the real and the in-between ”will also be the protagonists. You will also be a sunrise or a sunset. You will help us. You will be a big trap to fall in love in the landscape because we have learned techniques for this, especially in Japan. You will be our response to the monetization and functionalization of city relations.
You will be cathartic, funny and rock'n roll.

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