Anastasia Guevel (FR)

Anastasia is a visual artist, dancer and choreographer, living and working in Brussels. 

She studied at the Institut Supérieur des Arts et des Chorégraphies (ISAC) in Brussels and obtained her MA in Sculpture, Drawing and Choreography.  
Her research explores the interfaces between artistic creation and philosophy, questioning the body's place in the production of knowledge.  
For the past year, Anastasia has been studying fasciapulsology with Florence Augendre, a therapeutic and energetic approach of laying hands on bodies, which proposes non-intentional relational touches.   

Anastasie Guevel (FR): Slime

Slime is a post-digital choreographic object that questions the relationship between tactility and technology. When I touch my mobile phone, does it not touch me back?

Is it really a 'who' touching a 'what'? 

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