Alma Söderberg (SE)

Alma Söderberg is a choreographer and performer. Her works emerge out of a practice of voice and movement. Rhythm is her drive. She has made the solo performances: Cosas, TRAVAILNadita and Deepitude in which her vocal work is the common denominator. In collaboration with Jolika Sudermann she made the performance A Talk and she plays in the performance band John The Houseband. In 2014 she made the performance Idioter together with Hendrik Willekens with whom she also started the music project wowawiwa. She performed in BUDA with Nadita, Deepitude, wowawiwa and John The Houseband. 

Alma Söderberg (SE): Trio

In the Trio we take on an axiomatic practice of 'listening to movement'. We use our voices to make the movement sound and we let the sound effect the movement. The entanglement between sound and movement as well as between the three of us creates a rich and complex tapestry. We weave ourselves together both visually and aurally through dedication and affection. We respond to a society of fear developing a technique of sensitivity, of community and we nurture the ability to hold several thoughts at once while responding with our full capacities to complexity. Polyrhythm and polyphony are welcomed as a challenge of depth of experience and understanding.

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