Alix Dufresne (CA)

Between dance and theatre, the physical and the political, Alix Dufresne favors a sensorial and sentient approach that encourages direct conversations between bodies. Her kinesthetic language puts into perspective a discourse typically reserved for the well-versed by transferring it to a sensorial landscape. Alix is driven by the belief that political and social issues can be of interest to the public, provided they are adequately initiated to the subjects. Deeply rooted in reality, her practice stimulates discussions that range from current issues and tax havens to the lost paradise of adolescence. Her strong and confident approach which merges both sensation and eloquence makes it impossible to ignore the more troubling aspects of society.

Alix Dufresne (CA): Hidden Paradise

On February 9, 2015, economist and philosopher Alain Deneault was interviewed by Marie-France Bazzo at Radio-Canada. In a clear and straightforward manner, he explains the repercussions of tax evasion on Quebec society. “Today, when you wait for the bus at -20°, it is the consequence of tax evasion”, he says. None other than Deneault summarizes so vividly the correlation between tax evasion as it is supported by our political institutions, and the direct consequences that ensue in our daily lives.

Alix Dufresne and Marc Béland interpret the verbatim account of the interview to highlight how tax evasion affects us daily. On the fringe of documentary theatre, dance, and journalistic fiction, the project confronts theatrewith the harshness of reality and current issues, whilst magnifying the underlying semantics of the timeless and metaphorical veneer of theatrical representation.

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