Aleksandra Lemm (PL/NL) & Emma Daniel (FR)

The Polish/Dutch Aleksandra Lemm and the French Emma Daniel are developping an artistic practice: Inner Body.  Body and mind are treated as one in a homogeneous, continuouss, possibly never ending process. Their work is specific because of the relation, imagination and connection they both have, and the particular mind set they share and cultivate.

They focus on ‘something’ that is not ‘them’, using their bodies to channel its presence. They withdraw from needs and desires in order to give space to that presence to manifest itself.

Aleksandra Lemm (PL/NL) & Emma Daniel (FR): Real Slow

Using this practice of Inner Body, they are now working on Real Slow, a project they started during their last residency at PAF. Starting point: radical slow motion.

Aleksandra and Emma collaborated for their previous performance The Rave. This is their first residency in the studio’s of arts centre BUDA (Kortrijk).

In residentie:
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