Albert Quesada/ACME (ES/BE​/HU/IT​)

The Spanish choreographer and dancer Albert Quesada has worked at the BUDA studio’s on different projects (Solos Bach & Gould,  Trilogy, Slow Sports…).  Under the company ACME, he holds many artistic projects, together with the Italian performer Federica Porello (dance, object and shadow theater), the Hungarian performer Zoltán Vakulya (dance and performance) and other long term collaborators. Albert Quesada’s stage work has grown into a study of music – music as a carrier of meaning - what music is, what it means to play music, but above all, what it means to listen. For ACME’s new creation It’s time they collaborate with the Catalan composer Octavi Rumbau. His work focuses on the interaction between acoustic and electronic sounds and on the malleability of musical time.

Albert Quesada/ACME (ES/BE​/HU/IT​): It’s time

It's time is a piece for three dancers and live musicians investigating, interrogating and manipulating the subjective experience of the passage of time. 

Inspired by graphic novels and their depiction of the passage of time; the performers and musicians will speed up, slow down, freeze in motion and reverse their own movements, bringing into play the uncanny, dissociative elements of directionality, suspension and gravity that determine our perception of time and motion.

During their residency at BUDA, they’ll start to develop the overall structure and the technical design of the piece (lights and set).

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