Alain Michard (FR)

Alain Michard is a French choreographer and visual artist. Starting from dance, he uses a variety of media: music, film, photography, writing. Some of his pieces are designed for public spaces, explore perception, imaginary of towns and landscapes. Another focus of his work is the notion of a collective history of art, based on a living memory.

Some of his movies, documentary or fiction, are based on his relationship with dance. His relationship with cinema led him to create a piece for young audience Le beau mariage. The exploration of relations of dance with image continues with En danseuse.

Alain Michard (FR): En danseuse

For En danseuse, Alain Michard collaborates with more than twenty choreographers to create danced soli. It is based on the idea that the body of the choreographer is the very source of his or her work. By extension, the project develops the idea that the choreographer’s body also carries within it a veritable ‘History of dance’. The set of filmed soli constitutes a real ‘collection of dances’, presented in a scenography using sound and video.

The first series, En danseuse (part 1), has been presented at DañsFabrik festival – Le Quartz, Brest (France) and will be presented at June Events – Atelier de Paris-CDCN Carolyn Carlson (France) (

The second series, En danseuse (part 2), starts with a residency at Kunstencentrum BUDA. The choreographers Mette Ingvartsen and Adva Zakaï join the project and start working in this collective creation process.

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