Agnieszka Gratza (PL/CA)

Agnieszka Gratza is a writer and live artist based in Rome. 

Agnieszka Gratza (PL/CA): Earthly and Heavenly Paradise: Reading the Divine Comedy

This year marks the 700th anniversary of Dante's death in 1321. The ten-day residency period at BUDA will be dedicated to reading out loud the third book of the Divine Comedy, Paradiso, as well as the final cantos of Purgatorio (II. 27-33), staged in the 'earthly paradise', the garden of Eden, where the figure of Beatrice takes over from Virgil as Dante's guide on the threshold of heavenly paradise, from which the pagan poet is barred. 

The studio up in Buda Tower overlooking the city will be transformed into an echo chamber or a sounding board, in preparation for a live durational performance – a public reading of the 40 cantos in the Italian original, which will take place at the outcome of the residency.

Photo © Diana Lelonek

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