Agata Maszkiewicz (PL/FR)

Agata Maszkiewicz, born in Poland, is a choreographer, performer and dancer. She lives in France and works generally in Europe. She was a student of Applied Social Sciences in Warsaw and graduated  as Master of Arts in Linz, Austria. She was a recipient of the DanceWeb 2006 scholarship program and continued her education in the Centre Choreoghraphique National (CCN) in Montpellier as a participant of the ex.e.r.ce program (under the guidance of Xavier Le Roy). She worked, among others, with the collective Superamas, Ivana Muller, Anne Juren, Alix Eynaudi, Vincent Tirmarche, a.m.o. She also creates her own work.

She’s a regular resident in Kortrijk and worked and presented work in the BUDA-studios with Superamas (Youdream, BIG3 – Happy/End) and Alix Eynaudi (The VisitantsLong Long Short Long Short) and on her own (Don Kiewicz & Sancho).

Agata Maszkiewicz (PL/FR): Still Life

She’s now working on Still Life, focussing on people’s relation with ordinary objects and the role those play in our daily life. The art genre Nature morte is a starting point for this artistic research as it reveals our changing relations with our surrounding and with time, space as well as death. Agata will (a.o.) do interviews with elder people in Buda’s next-door-care-hotel ‘Heilig Hart’ to find out What are the most valuable things they have or had? What do they  find precious? What is indispensable? Did it change during their life time? If they could choose anything in the world, what would they like to add to your room? Vincent Tirmarche will film the meetings, which might end up being part of the show….

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