Adva Zakai (IL/BE)

Born in Israel, living in Europe. During the past years Adva Zakai has been exploring various performance formats where she has acted as a choreographer, a performer or a curator. Her choreographic works explore often how body and language are perceived through each other, and evoke an experience that can be grasped through multiple perspectives. Her work is presented in theatres, museums, galleries, apartments and digital platforms. During 2010, she obtained an artistic research grant, in the framework of the post master program a.pass in Antwerp, in which she researched the influence of a curatorial approach on the development of new performance formats. She pursued dance education in Israel followed by studies at the Mime School, Amsterdam (2000-2002). Her practice involves collaborations with other artists on participative projects, conferences and festivals. She is teaching performance practice in art academy Kask in Gent, Belgium, as well as leading workshops in international art and dance academies.

Adva Zakai (IL/BE): created Last Seen Standing Between Brackets

In January 2015 Adva Zakai created Last Seen Standing Between Brackets, a piece consisting of live performance and film, made in collaboration with dramaturge Shila Anaraki and video artist Effi Weiss. How will I continue dancing once I no longer have a body ? Inspired by this playful question and by discourses about the post-organic body, the piece revolves around  attempts to separate a body from its own movements, a text from its writer and a person from their own mind  in order to be able to imagine all these elements continue existing without the one who created them.

During their (very first) residency at arts centre BUDA, Adva and Shila will continue the process and develop the piece further. 

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