Adrien Monfleur (FR) & Vincenzo Carta (IT)

Vincenzo Carta (1978, Italy) studied architecture in Firenze before starting a dance education at P.A.R.T.S. During his two years there, he created several group choreographies. After his studies he started creating his own work and toured with: audience with Solo and Urban Project X. In 2006 he created the piece We-go with Benjamin Vandewalle. They founded WeGo-vzw, and created Inbetween (2007).  For and with Passerelle in Kortrijk (BE), he created the piece we all go and gnosis in 2009.  Since 2013 he collaborates with Adrien Monfleur.  

Adrien Monfleur (1983, France) studied video editing at EFFET (Marseille) and cinema at the Beaux Arts of Marseille. He develops his personal work in the form of videos, but also works as a photographer, assistant director and as scenographer in theater. He collaborated with several artists and movie makers, such as Audrey Lucie Risen, Mathias Varenne, and Thomas Couderc. 

Adrien Monfleur (FR) & Vincenzo Carta (IT): Secret Garden

Secret Garden is a multimedia and interactive project on the edge between cinema, performance and installation that reveal the nature of an image in what it has of partial and subjective and question our relationship with the nowadays fetish object of capitalism, the smartphones. Vincenzo Carta and Adrien Monfleur use this device to play with three different notions: the space of visibility, the space of representation and the represented space as Louis Marin defines them. Displacing the gaze of the spectator through these notions, they try to question and transform the status of the public itself. 

Using their bodies, some simple objects and a camera, the two artists create on screen and on stage an intimate universe where the meeting of bodies is the leitmotiv. The public, smartphone in hand, will enter the "Secret Garden" and explore the world of cruising places.

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