At first sight Une forme brève doesn't seem like a dance performance but an installation. You see a naked stage covered with curtains, with three minimal sculptures on it : a metal bar, a fence and lamps hanging loose over the floor. Before, they were used for other purposes. Here, these objects, which are both sculpture and scenography, mark a space full of potential.

How can a choreography cause a disappearance and make way for a form of ‘pure reality’ without giving up the fiction or the composition?

Rémy Héritier wonders if dance is actually that thing that moves in the bodies in front of our eyes. We don’t see the dance, we make it up. Like tracing animals, what we see and hear is only a trace, a chief witness of its existence and disappearance.

Disappearing, in that sense, is surrendering completely to experiences of flow, embodiment and intuition. It is finding yourself among other things without hierarchy. 

Une forme brève then becomes an uninterrupted stream of dance, music, light and text.

Then we go outside and realize that this piece is moving further and further away from the perceived image. Une forme brève celebrates dance as pure imagination.

RÉMY HÉRITIER, was born in France in 1977, is choreographer and dancer. Since 1999 he has been performing or collaborating with artists such as Boris Charmatz, Laurent Chétouane, DD Dorvillier, Philipp Gehmacher, Mathilde Monnier, Jennifer Lacey, Laurent Pichaud, Loïc Touzé, etc. In 2003 he founded his own dance company GBOD! and has created more than a dozen works that have been shown in France, Europe, Japan and the USA.

In these different pieces, Rémy Héritier involves in his choreographic writing the reoccurrence of temporal, spatial strata in places, developing the depth of the past to reach the present. This archaeological excavation in a given context, his personal history of dance as well as that of his collaborators, enables him to shift towards notions linked to other disciplines such as intertextuality, re-enactment or the Third landscape, and thereby to convoke a new poetics of gesture.


Wednesday 02/12 from 13u30 until 15u30 - Budascoop Kortrijk
No experience required / Free


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