Coming from Ghent/Antwerp (E17)

- Take the 3d exit - ‘Kortrijk-Oost’ to R8. Leading to ‘Kortrijk Noord/ Harelbeke-Zuid’
- Follow ‘ringlaan’. Go left at the third traffic lights to ‘Gentsesteenweg’.
- Follow ‘Gentsesteenweg’. Turn right at the second traffic lights to ‘Minister Libaertlaan’.
- Follow the ‘Minister Libaertlaan’ until a traffic roundabout, take the 3 exit, towards ‘BUDA-eiland’
- It’s about 400 meters until you reach the ‘Broelparking’ (parking lot) at your left.


Coming from Bruges (A19)

-  Take the first exit towards ‘R8/ Kortrijk’
-  Merge onto the ‘R8’
-  Take the 11th exit, towards ‘Bissegem’
-  Turn left onto ‘Meensesteenweg’
-  Follow the ‘Meensesteenweg’ and the ‘Burgemeester Vercruysselaan’ for about 4 kilometers
   until you cross the river ‘de Leie’.
-  Turn right at the roundabout (first exit)
-  Drive about 400 meters until you reach ‘Broelparking’ (parking lot) at your left.